bruno marić
– photographer

I am an enthusiast of natural beauty. As an internationally published photographer, my primary aim with a camera is to capture girls as individuals with hearts and minds rather than clothes hangers and walking advertisements. I am also passionate about all things Europe: architecture, street life, the outdoors and so on.

In my spare time, I publish Portraits Of Girls, a long-running digital and printed magazine dedicated to celebrating natural beauty and sex appeal in photography and film. Online, the publication has been viewed nearly one-hundred million times since 2010.

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Hearts & Minds

Something that I think is lost on society when it comes to fashion models is that there is more to them than meets the eye. They are not just pretty faces. These girls have passions and persuits off camera; some are artists, others students and there are those who are establishing careers away from the industry or planning to raise a family. Learning about their journeys has definitely broadened my perspectives.