Bruno Marić — Photographer, Publisher


I am a photographer who is inspired by beauty in women, nature and architecture.
Currently based in North America, I am also available throughout Europe.

As a teenager, I felt empowered listening to the words of vocalists like Zack de la Rocha. He said, “Renegades are people with their own philosophies. They change the course of history – everyday people like you and me.” Those of then-Anarchist Tom Gabel, too, who exclaimed, “We are untouchable; untouchable is something to be!” At some point, though, Rage Against The Machine started playing bank-owned stadiums and Tom changed his name to Laura and graduated to MTV-approved politics. The veil was lifting. Few and far between were individuals who were not bought and paid for, owned and controlled.

After I made peace with the fact that I myself am no musician, I got into photography and had no better luck with that initially. I had always despised the education system but could not find inspiring photographers to mentor me so I essentially taught myself all that I know. I moved around and learned through my experiences.

I aspired to become an artist because I imagined I would be among others who felt similarly out-of-place as critical thinkers, empaths, dreamers and romantics. Never in a million years would I have even entertained the possibility that the art world of today is in actuality largely made up of conforming “influencers” and pro-establishment propagandists. I now consider that remaining void to be one of my strongest motivations to create.